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Plasmonics in topological semimetals offers exciting opportunities for fundamental physics exploration as well as for technological applications. Here, we investigate plasmons in the exemplar chiral crystal CoSi, which hosts a variety of multifold fermionic excitations. We show that CoSi hosts two distinct plasmon modes in the infrared regime at 0.1 eV and 1.1 eV in the long-wavelength limit. The 0.1 eV plasmon is found to be highly dispersive, and originates from intraband collective oscillations associated with double spin-1 excitation, while the 1.1 eV plasmon is dispersionless and it involves interband correlations. Both plasmon modes lie outside the particle-hole continuum and possess a long lifetime. Our study indicates that the CoSi class of materials will provide an interesting materials platform for exploring fundamental and technological aspects of topological plasmonics.
American Physical Society
Publication date: 
15 Mar 2022

Barun Ghosh, Debasis Dutta, Bahadur Singh, Hsin Lin, Antonio Politano, Arun Bansil, Amit Agarwal

Biblio References: 
Bulletin of the American Physical Society