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The (GeTe) m (Sb2Te3) n alloy (Ge-Sb-Te-GST) is a key phase change material (PCM), widely studied for its cutting-edge technological applications. It is a prominent material for phase change memories, and, very recently, has attracted new interest as the most advanced emerging non-volatile memory technology for neuromorphic applications [1-2]. The ability of growing high-quality epitaxial GST represents a key-point to tailor the material properties, such as a large programming window [3], improved cycling endurance and faster crystallization [4]. Depending on n and m, prototypical crystalline GST can have various compositions along the pseudobinary tie line and, in its trigonal structure, exhibits a stacked structure along the [111] direction that involve weak van der Waals (vdW) interactions between adjacent blocks. vdW epitaxy represents a powerful way for growing heterostructures made of stacked …
Publication date: 
8 May 2022

Fabrizio Arciprete, Jos Boschker, Stefano Cecchi, Eugenio Zallo, Valeria Bragaglia, Raffaella Calarco

Biblio References: 
Materials Research Society (MRS) Spring Meeting