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Mortality data by geographic area and trend-based surveillance are particularly relevant in orienting public health decisions targeting specific populations. We analyzed overall and site-specific cancer mortality between 1988 and 2009 in the metropolitan area of Naples and Caserta in southern Italy. Age-standardized mortality rates (SMR) were computed for each 5-y age group, by gender, primitive cancer site and specific Province in the overall population and age-defined subgroups. Cancer mortality trends were quantified by annual percent change (APC) and 95% confidence interval (CI). From Naples and Caserta, the reduction observed between 1988 and 2009 in SMR in males, but not in females, was significantly lower compared with the decrease reported at a national level (−11.4% and −28.4%, respectively). In elderly men, differences between local and national SMR were more pronounced (+13.6 …
Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 
1 Dec 2013

Anna Crispo, Maddalena Barba, Matteo Malvezzi, Grazia Arpino, Maria Grimaldi, Tiziana Rosso, Emanuela Esposito, Domenico Sergi, Gennaro Ciliberto, Antonio Giordano, Maurizio Montella

Biblio References: 
Volume: 14 Issue: 12 Pages: 1113-1122
Cancer biology & therapy