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Nonmagnetic chiral crystals are a new class of systems hosting Kramers–Weyl Fermions, arising from the combination of structural chirality, spin–orbit coupling (SOC), and time-reversal symmetry. These materials exhibit nontrivial Fermi surfaces with SOC-induced Chern gaps over a wide energy range, leading to exotic transport and optical properties. In this study, we investigate the electronic structure and transport properties of CdAs2, a newly reported chiral material. We use synchrotron-based angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy (ARPES) and density functional theory (DFT) to determine the Fermiology of the (110)-terminated CdAs2 crystal. Our results, together with complementary magnetotransport measurements, suggest that CdAs2 is a promising candidate for novel topological properties protected by the structural chirality of the system. Our work sheds light on the details of the Fermi surface and …
American Chemical Society
Publication date: 
23 Mar 2023

Federico Mazzola, Yanxue Zhang, Natalia Olszowska, Marcin Rosmus, Gianluca D’Olimpio, Marian Cosmin Istrate, Grazia Giuseppina Politano, Ivana Vobornik, Raman Sankar, Corneliu Ghica, Junfeng Gao, Antonio Politano

Biblio References: 
Volume: 14 Issue: 13 Pages: 3120-3125
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters