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Metal-phthalocyanines (MPc-s) are metalorganic compounds with rather attracting features, widely exploited in industrial processes, eg as pigments and dyes (a sketch of the MPc molecule is depicted in Fig. 1). They have received widespread attention in the literature since the 1960s. However, only recently their intriguing red-ox properties upon intercalation with alkali metals have acquired great interest. 1, 2 Relatively recent experiments2 demonstrated the possibility to tune their electronic properties by doping phthalocyanine thin films with alkali metals (a property which is observed only in a limited number of other compounds, like fullerenes).
The Electrochemical Society
Publication date: 
1 Mar 2007

Daniele Pontiroli, Mauro Ricco, Toni Shiroka, Massimo Pagliari, Matteo Belli, Fabio Gianferrari

Biblio References: 
Issue: 29 Pages: 1100-1100
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