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The integration of excimer laser annealing (ELA) into the power MOS device technology has been studied and evaluated. The integration issues include patterning effect, extreme nonequilibrium kinetics of dopant and defects, material modification due to the melting-regrowth phenomena (in the melting regime), and residual implant damage. We demonstrated that ELA can be applied as a reliable, effective, and advantageous process in the context of semiconductor device fabrication. In particular, power MOS field-effect transistors were successfully fabricated with superior electrical characteristics than those fabricated according to the standard process. Optimization of the process was achieved through extensive characterization analyses, while an intense research effort was dedicated to the development of a technology computer-aided design tool for the simulation of the laser annealing process in Si-based …
Publication date: 
2 Apr 2007

Vittorio Privitera, Antonino La Magna, Corrado Spinella, Guglielmo Fortunato, Luigi Mariucci, M Cuscunà, Cateno Marco Camalleri, Angelo Magri, Giovanna La Rosa, Bengt G Svensson, Eduard V Monakhov, Frank Simon

Biblio References: 
Volume: 54 Issue: 4 Pages: 852-860
IEEE transactions on electron devices