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Interest in silicon as a material for optoelectronics has increased year after year. We propose numerical analysis of an integrated waveguide-vanishing-based modulator realized by ion implantation in SOI wafer. The active region is 3×3 μm2 and the lateral confinement is guaranteed by two highly-doped As (8×1019cm-3) and B (2×1019cm-3) implanted regions 1-μm-deep. This type of structure allows to obtain a planar device, avoiding structural steps which are harmful for photolithography processes. The resulting channel waveguide shows single mode operation and propagation losses of about 1.8 dB/mm, which are acceptable for short structures. The modulation is based on a lateral p-i-n diode, which injects free carriers into the rib volume between the doped regions. We have optimized the device for maximum injection efficiency for a given applied voltage. The resulting optical behavior can be explained by …
International Society for Optics and Photonics
Publication date: 
25 Oct 2005

Rocco C Zaccuri, Giuseppe Coppola, Mario Iodice, Antonella Sciuto, Sebania Libertino

Biblio References: 
Volume: 6013 Pages: 60130K
Optoelectronic Devices: Physics, Fabrication, and Application II