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Following our previous work which has led us to fabricate single pixels of geiger mode avalanche photodiodes (GMAPs), we present in this letter the results regarding the fabrication and characterization of a bidimensional array of GMAPs. Low dark count rates and very good uniformity over the sensor are reported. High quantum efficiency in the visible range has been measured. Measurements indicate that not all the nominal active area is effectively sensitive. We have some preliminary evidence that no crosstalk effects are present in our device. Notwithstanding this, in view of a near future shrinking of all dead regions, an optical trench process has been developed and is illustrated here. Possible future trends are highlighted
Publication date: 
21 Aug 2006

E Sciacca, S Lombardo, M Mazzillo, G Condorelli, D Sanfilippo, A Contissa, M Belluso, F Torrisi, S Billotta, A Campisi, L Cosentino, Alessandro Piazza, G Fallica, P Finocchiaro, F Musumeci, S Privitera, S Tudisco, G Bonanno, E Rimini

Biblio References: 
Volume: 18 Issue: 15 Pages: 1633-1635
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters