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Silicon nanocrystal (Si-nc) trapping layers offer several advantages on standard poly-Si floating gates, as improved data retention after endurance in particular at high temperatures, robustness toward oxide defects, two-bits per cell storage and full compatibility toward CMOS process. It has also been shown that coupling the Si-nc concept with high-k control dielectrics, by improving the gate coupling ratio, enables Fowler-Nordheim (FN) program/erase. However, one of the key limitations of Si-nc memories is the limited memory window which is not suitable for multi-level memory applications. The use of two stacked Si-ncs layers to increase the number of trapping sites has been previously discussed in the literature with a SiO 2 control oxide. In this work, we present memory devices with double stacked Si-nc layers and high-k (HfAlO-based) control dielectrics. We also propose to cover the 2 nd Si-nc layer with a thin …
Publication date: 
26 Apr 2010

G Gay, G Molas, M Bocquet, E Jalaguier, M Gély, L Masarotto, JP Colonna, H Grampeix, F Martin, P Brianceau, V Vidal, R Kies, C Bongiorno, S Lombardo, T Baron, G Ghibaudo, B De Salvo

Biblio References: 
Pages: 54-55
Proceedings of 2010 International Symposium on VLSI Technology, System and Application