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Threshold voltage ( V th ) behavior of nitride read-only memories (NROMs) was studied after irradiation with photons (γ- and X-rays), light and heavy ions. Both programmed and nonprogrammed single cells were investigated. The data suggest that two main physical phenomena are contributing to V th variation and that the V th loss and the variability can be modeled by a Weibull statistics with a shape parameter k ~ 2.2 regardless of the irradiation species and total dose. The same peculiarities were found in large memory arrays, confirming the results from single-cell studies but with significantly larger statistics. Hence, once the irradiation dose is known, the V th loss distribution can be obtained, thus providing a predictive model of the radiation tolerance of NROM memory arrays.
Publication date: 
24 Aug 2012

Domenico Corso, Sebania Libertino, Michael Lisiansky, Yakov Roizin, Felix Palumbo, Fabio Principato, Calogero Pace, Paolo Finocchiaro, Salvatore A Lombardo

Biblio References: 
Volume: 59 Issue: 10 Pages: 2597-2602
IEEE transactions on electron devices