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The use of graphene as transparent conducting layer in devices that require high temperature processing is proposed. The material shows stability upon thermal treatments up to 1100 °C if capped with a sacrificial silicon layer. The use of Cu foil or evaporated Cu as catalysts in Catalytic-Chemical Vapor Deposition growth gives rise to graphene of similar properties, which represents a promising result in view of its direct integration in microelectronic devices. Photovoltaic p–i–n thin film devices were fabricated on the as-deposited or annealed graphene membranes and compared with similar devices that incorporate as-deposited Indium Tin Oxide. No degradation in series resistance is observed for the annealed device. A 3.7% and 2.8% photovoltaic conversion efficiency is observed on the devices fabricated on as-transferred and on annealed graphene respectively. The major limitation derives from the high sheet …
Publication date: 
1 Jul 2015
Biblio References: 
Volume: 138 Pages: 35-40
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells