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Three-dimensional (3D) graphene-based structures combine the unique physical properties of graphene with the opportunity to get high electrochemically available surface area per unit of geometric surface area. Several preparation techniques have been reported to fabricate 3D graphene-based macroscopic structures for energy storage applications such as supercapacitors. Although reaserch has been focused so far on achieving either high specific capacitance or high volumetric capacitance, much less attention has been dedicated to obtain high specific and high volumetric capacitance simultaneously. Here, we present a facile technique to fabricate graphene foams (GF) of high crystal quality with tunable pore size grown by chemical vapor deposition. We exploited porous sacrificial templates prepared by sintering nickel and copper metal powders. Tuning the particle size of the metal powders and the growth …
IOP Publishing
Publication date: 
17 Oct 2016

Simon Drieschner, Michael Weber, Jörg Wohlketzetter, Josua Vieten, Evangelos Makrygiannis, Benno M Blaschke, Vittorio Morandi, Luigi Colombo, Francesco Bonaccorso, Jose A Garrido

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Volume: 3 Issue: 4 Pages: 045013
2D Materials