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In this paper, we describe the structure of a multiprocessor control system for a gas sensing array, complying with the IEEE 1451 standard. The system (Smart Transducer Interface Module, STIM) features a simplified Transducer Independent Interface (TII) based on a 3-wire RS232 asynchronous communication and is conceived as a cluster between identical monosensor subsystems and a central Controller. After a brief illustration of the gas sensor array, an overview on the modular system architecture, of the basic monosensor modules and of the simplified TII will be given. Finally, we will illustrate the characterization of the system performances and the experimental results obtained with the proposed gas sensing array.
Publication date: 
12 Jun 2007

L Bissi, P Placidi, A Scorzoni, I Elmi, S Zampolli

Biblio References: 
Volume: 137 Issue: 1 Pages: 175-184
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical