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Border security is one of the key challenges to be taken up by Europe in the following years. In particular, the deployment of practical efficient means to detect hidden persons and illegal substances at border crossing points is instrumental in avoiding terrorism, human trafficking or smuggling. This study presents the concept of an orthogonal" approach to the identification of gas traces identified as pertinent targets for illicit substances (drugs and explosives) as well as for human presence. The techniques employed to perform the analysis are based on completely different physical principles, these are the Mid-Infrared photo-acoustic spectroscopy (MIR-PAS - demonstration of a novel widely tunable integrated MIR source coupled with a miniature photo-acoustic cell) and the Ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) using a non radio-active ionization source. Definition of the pertinent compounds and their "spectral signature" …
Publication date: 
24 Sep 2014

Ioannis Daniilidis, J-J Filippi, Wolfgang Vautz, Enrico Dalcanale, Stefano Zampolli, George Leventakis, I Kauppinen, S Sinisalo, Vasilis Tsoulkas, V Kassouras, M Carras, B Gerard, R Pinalli, A Ragnoni, L Dujourdy, D Zavali, M Brun, Vasileios Grizis, Apostolos Argyris, Dimitris Syvridis

Biblio References: 
Pages: 332-332
2014 IEEE Joint Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference