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In this work, we report on the fabrication and characterization of organic light-emitting transistors (OLETs) within an indium–tin-oxide (ITO)-free platform, using graphene-based transparent conductive electrodes in place of ITO as gate electrode. A direct comparison between twin bottom-gate/top-contacts OLETs, where a standard ITO layer is replaced with a film made of a few graphene layers, shows that comparable electrical characteristics can be obtained along with a clear improvement in the electroluminescence generation characteristics. Our experimental findings pave the way to the exploitation of graphene-based transparent conductive electrodes within this class of emerging devices on flexible substrates, further promoting the novel era of flexible organic electronics.
American Chemical Society
Publication date: 
15 Oct 2014

Caterina Soldano, Andrea Stefani, Viviana Biondo, Laura Basirico, Guido Turatti, Gianluca Generali, Luca Ortolani, Vittorio Morandi, Giulio Paolo Veronese, Rita Rizzoli, Raffaella Capelli, Michele Muccini

Biblio References: 
Volume: 1 Issue: 10 Pages: 1082-1088
ACS Photonics