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Bipolar (pn) junctions can be elementary parties of a micro-electronic device like in a MOSFET and in a JFET, for example, or can be the core structure of the electronic device like in the case of pin diodes. In the SiC based electronics bipolar junctions have been obtained by epitaxial growth or by selective area ion implantation. Till present the most of the implanted bipolar junctions in SiC have shown an higher forward voltage drop and a lower blocking voltage than equivalent for doping values and nominal blocking voltage epitaxial junction, see an example in ref. 1. As a consequence of that the epitaxial growth is preferred for obtaining the core junction of a SiC pin diode while ion implantation is suggested for obtaining the terminal extensions of such a core junction. 2 Nevertheless, the recently improved efficiency of the annealing process of ion implanted 4H-SiC layers3-5 and the promising static and dynamic …
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Publication date: 
4 Jun 2012
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Issue: 30 Pages: 2562
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