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We report on our preliminary results in the realization and characterization of a porous silicon (PSi) resonant mirror (RM) for optical biosensing. We have numerically and experimentally studied the coupling between the electromagnetic field, totally reflected at the base of a high refractive index prism, and the optical modes of a PSi waveguide. This configuration is very sensitive to changes in the refractive index and/or in thickness of the sensor surface. Due to the high specific area of the PSi waveguide, very low DNA concentrations can be detected confirming that the RM could be a very sensitive and labelfree optical biosensor. View Full-Text
Molecular Diversity Preservation International
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2008

Edoardo De Tommasi, Luca De Stefano, Ilaria Rea, Valentina Di Sarno, Lucia Rotiroti, Paolo Arcari, Annalisa Lamberti, Carmen Sanges, Ivo Rendina

Biblio References: 
Volume: 8 Issue: 10 Pages: 6549-6556