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Semen analysis is widely used as diagnostic tool for assessing male fertility, controlling and managing the animal reproduction. The most important parameters measured in a semen analysis are the morphology and biochemical alterations. For obtaining such information, non-invasive, label-free and non-destructive techniques have to be used. Digital Holography (DH) combined with Raman Spectroscopy (RS) could represent the perfect candidate for a rapid, non-destructive and high-sensitive morphological and biochemical sperm cell analysis. In this study, DH-RS combined approach is used for a complete analysis of single bovine spermatozoa. High-resolution images of bovine sperm have been obtained by DH microscopy from the reconstruction of a single acquired hologram, highlighting in some cases morphological alterations. Quantitative 3D reconstructions of sperm head, both normal and anomalous …
International Society for Optics and Photonics
Publication date: 
22 Jun 2015

Annalisa De Angelis, Maria Antonietta Ferrara, Giuseppe Di Caprio, Stefano Managò, Luigi Sirleto, Giuseppe Coppola, Anna Chiara De Luca

Biblio References: 
Volume: 9529 Pages: 952916
Optical Methods for Inspection, Characterization, and Imaging of Biomaterials II