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The development of post silicon technologies based on organic materials consolidates the possibility to realize new devices and applications with unusual properties: flexibility, lightweight, disposability. Both materials and processes play a fundamental role in this new electronic framework and have been improved continuously in the last decades. In this contribution, a new perspective will be drawn by considering a complete technology platform that lead printed organic electronics technology from the basic device and materials to a manufacturing process flow, design tools and market applications development. The final goal of the proposed approach is the manufacturing of organic circuits with sub-micron feature size at low fabrication costs with high flexibility and application versatility by using additive manufacturing processes. The identification of suitable material features and process steps and the …
Publication date: 
29 Aug 2008

Luigi Fortuna, Mattia Frasca, Mariano Gioffre, Manuela La Rosa, Nunzia Malagnino, Alessandro Marcellino, Donata Nicolosi, Luigi Occhipinti, Fabrizio Porro, Giovanni Sicurella, Elena Umana, Raffaele Vecchione

Biblio References: 
Volume: 8 Issue: 3 Pages: 6-18
IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine