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In this work we report on the formation of self-organized and multimodal sized patterned arrays of Au and Ag nanoparticles on SiO2 surface exploiting the thickness-dependent solid-state dewetting properties of template-confined deposited nanoscale films. In this approach, the Au and Ag surface pattern order, on the SiO2 substrate, is established by the template confined deposition on a micrometric scale, while the solid-state dewetting phenomenon is induced by thermal processes (below the Au and Ag melting temperature). The deposited films have not an uniform thickness. They, instead, present a controlled thickness due to shadowing mask effects during depositions. Such an inhomogeneity can be further controlled by changing the deposition angle. After the dewetting process, scanning electron microscopy analyses allowed us to correlate the mean diameter and spacing of the formed …
Springer US
Publication date: 
1 Aug 2014
Biblio References: 
Volume: 49 Issue: 16 Pages: 5714-5729
Journal of Materials Science