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In several superconducting applications, low energy losses are strictly demanding. In superconducting films, the dissipative flux flow state plays a role in the stability of the superconducting state in those devices that can operate just above the critical current ( I c ). Therefore, details of the current-voltage ( I - V ) characteristics and in particular of current instabilities from the flux flow state to the normal one can become significant. We study current stability in the flux flow dissipative state by a proper current-voltage measurement mode. Low-temperature superconducting films have been investigated to demonstrate that the current stability range above I c can be increased by light ion irradiation.
Publication date: 
4 Jan 2013

Gaia Grimaldi, Antonio Leo, Angela Nigro, Elena Bruno, Francesco Priolo, Sandro Pace

Biblio References: 
Volume: 23 Issue: 3 Pages: 8200704-8200704
IEEE transactions on applied superconductivity