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The off-lattice displacement of electrically active, substitutional B in presence of Si interstitials generated by light ion irradiation has been studied by channeling along the< 100> and< 110> axes. The channeling yield chi of B increases with the ion fluence until it saturates at chi 0.5 suggesting a non-random B displacement. At the saturation B is not electrically active and accurate angular scans indicates the formation of BB couples aligned along the< 100> direction in agreement with first principle calculations. The same kind of defect is formed upon B implantation at room temperature as demonstrated also by angular scans with chi B 0.5. A peculiar behavior is observed upon annealing: at 800 C a significant increase of randomly located B occurs and chi B 1, at higher temperatures B recovers progressively into substitional site. The chi B reaches 0.1 at 950 C and the carrier concentration coincides with the amount of …
Publication date: 
1 Mar 2005

Emanuele Rimini

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APS Meeting Abstracts