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The beneficial effects of F implantation on the modification of extended defects in Si have been studied. Preamorphized Si samples were implanted with F (75keV, 6×1015F∕cm2) and regrown by solid phase epitaxy (SPE) at 700°C. The formation, just after SPE, of a band of bubbles overlapping the F enriched region has been evidenced, clearly demonstrating the formation of F-vacancy (V) complexes with determined stoichiometry. Moreover, the authors demonstrate that these F-V complexes inhibit the formation of extended defects, acting as efficient traps for Si interstitials. These results represent a promising route toward point defects engineering in microelectronic application.
American Institute of Physics
Publication date: 
23 Oct 2006

S Boninelli, A Claverie, G Impellizzeri, S Mirabella, F Priolo, E Napolitani, F Cristiano

Biblio References: 
Volume: 89 Issue: 17 Pages: 171916
Applied physics letters