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Although carrier mobility (μ) in Si is a fundamental property deeply investigated since 40 years, a complete understanding of its characteristics over a large range of carrier concentration is still lacking. For example, the effect of strain was largely debated and μ enhancement was demonstrated in strained Si channels where the carrier concentration is 1020 cm−3), which is actually of fundamental interest for USJ applications, many questions are still open about μ: why is μ lower in presence of some dopants with respect to other chemical species? The relevant point is that high μ in either n- or p-type Si is observed when the dopant has a covalent radius smaller than Si and that, at the concentration at which the chemical effect on the μ is visible, an appreciable strain is generated in the doped layer. We present here an experiment to study the dependence of the …
Publication date: 
15 Dec 2006

Lucia Romano, Riccardo De Bastiani, Cristina Miccoli, Gabriele Bisognin, Enrico Napolitani, Davide De Salvador, Maria Grazia Grimaldi

Biblio References: 
Volume: 135 Issue: 3 Pages: 220-223
Materials Science and Engineering: B