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Sensors are the less durable parts in any chemical sensor system, then the replacement of sensors maintaining hardware and data processing is a necessity in real applications. Though sensors replacement requires a perfect reproducibility of the sensors fabrication. Among the different sensor technologies, those based on optical transduction may offer a straightforward methodology to release the requirement of identical sensor manufacturing. In particular it will be shown here that the use of image sensor provides a surprising parallel with natural olfaction. An important consequence is that the data processing is independent from the geometric arrangement of the sensitive layer. This feature leads to a simple sensor layer replacement and to a prompt arrangement of different sensor systems, even remotely located, into a single data processing system.
Publication date: 
31 Dec 2011

D Polese, G Magna, F Dini, E Martinelli, R Paolesse, A D’Amico, D Filippini, I Lundström, C Di Natale

Biblio References: 
Volume: 25 Pages: 35-38
Procedia Engineering