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The capability of scanning microwave microscopy for calibrated sub-surface and non-contact capacitance imaging of silicon (Si) samples is quantitatively studied at broadband frequencies ranging from 1 to 20 GHz. Calibrated capacitance images of flat Si test samples with varying dopant density (10 15–10 19 atoms cm− 3) and covered with dielectric thin films of SiO 2 (100–400 nm thickness) are measured to demonstrate the sensitivity of scanning microwave microscopy (SMM) for sub-surface imaging. Using standard SMM imaging conditions the dopant areas could still be sensed under a 400 nm thick oxide layer. Non-contact SMM imaging in lift-mode and constant height mode is quantitatively demonstrated on a 50 nm thick SiO 2 test pad. The differences between non-contact and contact mode capacitances are studied with respect to the main parameters influencing the imaging contrast, namely the probe tip …
IOP Publishing
Publication date: 
9 Mar 2015

Georg Gramse, Enrico Brinciotti, Andrea Lucibello, Samadhan B Patil, Manuel Kasper, Christian Rankl, Rajiv Giridharagopal, Peter Hinterdorfer, Romolo Marcelli, Ferry Kienberger

Biblio References: 
Volume: 26 Issue: 13 Pages: 135701