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Charge accumulation in dielectrics solicited by an applied voltage, and the associated temperature and time dependencies are well known in scientific literature since a number of years [1]. The potential utilization of materials being part of a device useful for space applications is a serious issue because of the harsh environmental conditions and the necessity of long term predictions about aging, out-gassing, charging and other characteristic responses [2],[3]. Micro-mechanical Systems (MEMS) for RF applications have been considered for sensor applications as well as for high frequency signal processing during more than one decade [4],[5],[6],[7],[8],[9]. In this framework, RF MEMS switches are micro-mechanical devices utilizing, preferably, a DC bias voltage for controlling the collapse of metalized beams [8]. Magnetic [10], thermal [11] and piezoelectric [12] actuations have been also evaluated, but the …
Publication date: 
28 Mar 2012

Romolo Marcelli, Andrea Lucibello, Giorgio De Angelis, Emanuela Proietti, George Papaioannou, Giancarlo Bartolucci, Flavio Giacomozzi, Benno Margesin

Biblio References: 
Microelectromechanical Systems and Devices