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In this paper is presented a microwave tunable band-stop resonators based on the combination of two cascaded magnetostatic wave (MSW) resonators, working at frequencies greater than 10 GHz (X-Band) in comparison with a single resonator. Measurements performed at different DC biasing magnetic fields demonstrate a tunability between 10 GHz and 17 GHz. The attenuation ranges between 20 and 25 dB at the central frequency domain (11-12 GHz and 13-16 GHz) and between 34 and 40 dB at the limits of the frequency domain (10-11 GHz... 16-17 GHz) showing a better attenuation for the two cascaded resonators in comparision with a single resonator.
INOE 2000
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2007

A Cismaru, R Marcelli

Biblio References: 
Volume: 9 Issue: 5 Pages: 1505-1507
Journal of optoelectronics and advanced materials