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We present an EXAFS study of the Mn atomic environment in Mn-doped GaAs nanowires. Mn doping has been obtained either via the diffusion of the Mn used as seed for the nanowire growth or by providing Mn during the growth of Au-induced wires. As a general finding, we observe that Mn forms chemical bonds with As but is not incorporated in a substitutional site. In Mn-induced GaAs wires, Mn is mostly found bonded to As in a rather disordered environment and with a stretched bond length, reminiscent of that exhibited by MnAs phases. In Au-seeded nanowires, along with stretched MnAs coordination, we have found the presence of Mn in a MnAu intermetallic compound.
IOP Publishing
Publication date: 
7 Jun 2012

F d’Acapito, M Rovezzi, F Boscherini, F Jabeen, G Bais, M Piccin, S Rubini, F Martelli

Biblio References: 
Volume: 27 Issue: 8 Pages: 085001
Semiconductor Science and Technology