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Characterization of the extraordinary complexity of ligand-receptor interactions, represent one of the prominent goals in today biological research. To approach this theme, we explored the use of porous silicon (pSi) technology for the construction of a biotechnological device, in which the ligand-receptor interactions are revealed by means of laser optical measurements. Here we report the settling of chemical procedures for the functionalization of the silicon wafers and for the subsequent anchoring of biological molecules such as a purified murine monoclonal antibody (UN1 mAb), an antibody anti-P8 protein of M13 phage and an antibody anti-A20 murine lymphoma cell line. The optical analysis of the interaction on the biochips between the bound biomolecules and their corresponding ligands indicated that the pSi is suitable for this application.
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2006

Annalisa Lamberti, Carmen Sanges, Lucia Rotiroti, Edoardo De Tommasi, Luca De Stefano, Giuseppe Scala, Ivo Rendina, Paolo Arcari

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Volume: 1