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We present the design and performances of a radiation detector based on plastic scintillating fibers with doubleside readout by means of large-area Single Photon Avalanche Diodes (SPAD). This can be the basic step toward the realization of a large-area, cost-effective position sensitive detector to be employed in future space gammaray observatories. SPADs are silicon devices operated above the junction breakdown voltage (with the typical overvoltage of 5V), for which a single photon interacting in the active ...
Publication date: 
7 Sep 2012

Martino Marisaldia, Alessandro Berrab, Francesco Moscatellic, Piera Maccagnanic, Claudio Labantia, Fabio Fuschinoa, Michela Prestb, Davide Bologninib, Massimo Ghionid, Ivan Rechd, Angelo Gulinattid, Andrea Giudicee, Georg Simmerlee, Danilo Rubinif

Biblio References: 
Volume: 8443 Pages: 84430M-1
Proc. of SPIE Vol