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Organic Thin film Transistors (OTFT) have been widely investigated in these last years as potential candidate for the development of low cost, flexible and lightweight active-matrix backplanes for display applications. Indeed the organic semiconductors provide both promising electrical performances tunable by chemistry and the ability to be processed at low temperature with innovative printing technics on various large scale substrates. Thanks to the recent developments on both n-type and p-type solution-processed organic semiconductors, we have developed a printable organic CMOS technology compatible with flexible PEN substrates. By combining state of the art materials exhibiting mobility in the range of 1 cm 2/Vs and silicon inspired compact modeling and simulation approach, we were able to design and fabricate circuit's building blocks that provide the switching, digital and analog functions required for …
IOP Publishing
Publication date: 
28 Jun 2013

Romain Coppard, Stephanie Jacob, Micael Charbonneau, Mohammed Benwadih, Jacqueline Bablet, Vincent Fischer, Romain Gwoziecky, Isabelle Chartier, Sahel Abdinia, Eugenio Cantatore, L Maddiona, G Maiellaro, Luigi Mariucci, Matteo Rapisarda, F Tramontana

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Volume: 54 Issue: 1 Pages: 153
ECS Transactions