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X-ray emission from laser generated plasma was studied at low (1010 W/cm2) and high (1018 W/cm2) intensity using ns and fs laser, respectively. Plasma characteristics were controlled trough the laser parameters, the irradiation conditions and the target properties. The X-ray spectra were acquired using fast detection technique based on SiC diodes with different active regions. The X-ray yield increases with the atomic number of the target, both at low and high intensity, and a similar empirical law has been obtained. The X-ray emission mechanisms from plasma are correlated to the plasma temperature and density and to the Coulomb charge particle acceleration, due to the charge separation effects produced in the non-equilibrium plasma. Functional dependences, theoretical approaches and interpretation of possible mechanism will be presented and discussed.
EDP Sciences
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2018

Antonino Cannavò, Lorenzo Torrisi, Giovanni Ceccio, Mariapompea Cutroneo, Lucia Calcagno, Antonella Sciuto, Massimo Mazzillo

Biblio References: 
Volume: 167 Pages: 03004
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