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This study reports on the synthesis of tellurium-based chalcogenide films that have high thermal stability for phase change memory application. Several Te-based chalcogenide alloys of In-Bi-Te, Ag-Bi-Te, In-Sb-Te, Sn-Sb-Te, Zn-Ge-Te, and Ga-Ge-Te are reported. Their thermal, optical, and electrical properties are investigated. The results show that Bi-Te-based films have a higher crystallization temperature and greater activation energy compared with the other Sb-Te-based and Ge-Te-based films. Especially, In2. 8Bi36. 6Te60. 6 film exhibits high crystallization temperature (252 C) and great activation energy (5.16 eV), showing much improved amorphous thermal stability. A relatively wider optical band gap (0.674 eV) of thermal annealed In2. 8Bi36. 6Te60. 6 film is obtained. In addition, it also has a higher amorphous/crystalline resistance ratio of about 105, implying that current …
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2012

Gaoxue Wang, Eugene J O’Sullivan, Philipp Herget, Bipin Rajendran, Leslie E Krupp

Biblio References: 
Volume: 111 Pages: 07E732
Journal of Applied Physics