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Magnetic Fe3O4 (magnetite) nanoparticles are synthesized via a chemical precipitation route in different alkaline environments (NH3 or NaOH) and subsequently functionalized with a (propynylcarbamate)triethoxysilane moiety, with the aim of promoting the nucleation and subsequent stabilization of gold nanoparticles. The propynylcarbamate group is able to capture the gold precursor (HAuCl4), spontaneously reduce it, and stabilize the resulting Au nanoaggregates. The obtained results show that though the dimensions of the starting magnetite substrate depend on the base used in the preparation, they remain unaltered upon the subsequent modification. Conversely, the average Au nanoparticle dimensions can be conveniently tailored as a function of the base used in Fe3O4 preparation and the presence/absence of the organic functionalization. The smallest dimensions (15 nm) are obtained for AuNP …
Publication date: 
20 Sep 2018

Barbara Ballarin, Maria Cristina Cassani, Daniele Nanni, Chiara Parise, Davide Barreca, Giorgio Carraro, Alberto Riminucci, Ilaria Bergenti, Vittorio Morandi, Andrea Migliori, Elisa Boanini

Biblio References: 
Ceramics International