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An innovative microheater array design is realized on a lithium niobate crystal, to induce a uniform pyroelectric effect on an area of 12.5× 12.5 mm 2. Thermal analyses of the device were performed both experimentally and numerically using a FLIR thermocamera and COMSOL TM Multiphysics. A series of preliminary numerical simulations were carried out to obtain the optimized design of the aforementioned specifications. The microheaters were fabricated on the+ Z surface of the lithium niobate crystal using a photolithography process followed by titanium thin-film deposition. We performed on this device a series of electrothermal characterizations; the results of the measurements showed good agreement with the numerical model in terms of heat distribution, accomplishing a comparison between the thermal maps coming from the two methodologies.
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2018

Shomnath Bhowmick, Orlando Leo, Giuseppe Coppola, Mariano Gioffrè, Marilena Musto, Giuseppe Rotondo, Mario Iodice

Biblio References: 
Computational Thermal Sciences: An International Journal