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In treating small thermodynamic systems, the temperature is either taken to be that of the heat bath (δT≡ 0) or is expected to fluctuate (δT 0) in a full manifestation of its statistical nature. 1, 2 Of course, specific conditions relating also to thermal equilibrium may indicate as appropriate one alternative or the other.Within the cooperatively rearranging regions (CRRs) of supercooled liquids, constraints to configurational motion drop and subsequently restore in a dynamic alternation. Probing such a kind of entropy fluctuations leads to δT estimates in the hypothesis that the proper fluctuation-dissipation relation (FDR) applies. 3 Besides, these δTs have been also associated directly with the energy exchanges accompanying the quenching/re-activation of the configurational modes within a CRR. 4
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Publication date: 
14 Jun 2017

Andrea Alessandrini, Marco Pieruccini, Elpidio Tombari

Biblio References: 
Volume: 146 Issue: 22 Pages: 227101
The Journal of chemical physics