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Semiconducting ZnO nanostructures show a wide band gap, a large free exciton binding energy, high electron mobility and are excellent for ultraviolet detection. Noble metals absorb visible light and produce localized surface plasmon resonance useful to enhance visible photodetection. Therefore, the coupling of gold nanoparticles and the wide‐band‐gap ZnO semiconductor represents the moist suited way to enhance photodetection. The Au_ZnO system has already been obtained by multiple‐step syntheses that involve the selective preparation of Au nanoparticles and ZnO whose subsequent blending may not be fully effective. In the present study we report on a one pot synthesis of Au_ZnO core‐shell nanoparticles using a zinc complex that acts as ZnO precursor, reducing and capping agent for Au3+ and Au nanoparticles, respectively. To the best of our knowledge this is the first report concerning an inorganic …
Publication date: 
25 Nov 2018

Annalinda Contino, Giuseppe Maccarrone, Luca Spitaleri, Lucia Torrisi, Giuseppe Nicotra, Antonino Gulino

Biblio References: 
Volume: 2018 Issue: 43 Pages: 4678-4683
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry