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The Front Cover shows, in analogy with the two hands from “The Creation of Adam” painted by Michelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Rome, the creation of the core‐shell Au_ZnO nanoparticles. From a gold nanoparticle capped with a zinc citrate complex we obtain a gold nanoparticle covered with zinc hydroxide and then a gold nanoparticle covered with zinc oxide. These nanoparticles can absorb light in the visible and UV range. The final system shows increased absorption and is useful as a photocatalyst using only sunlight to clean water. More information can be found in the Communication by A. Gulino et al. For more on the story behind the cover research, see the Cover Profile.
Publication date: 
25 Nov 2018

Annalinda Contino, Giuseppe Maccarrone, Luca Spitaleri, Lucia Torrisi, Giuseppe Nicotra, Antonino Gulino

Biblio References: 
Volume: 2018 Issue: 43 Pages: 4658-4658
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry