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Two-dimensional transition-metal dichalcolgenides (2D-TMDs) are among the most intriguing materials for next-generation electronic and optoelectronic devices. Albeit still at the embryonic stage, building thin films by manipulating and stacking preformed 2D nanosheets is now emerging as a practical and cost-effective bottom-up paradigm to obtain excellent electrical properties over large areas. Herein, we exploit the ultrathin morphology and outstanding solution stability of 2D WS 2 colloidal nanocrystals to make thin films of TMDs assembled on a millimetre scale by a layer-by-layer deposition approach. We found that a room-temperature surface treatment with a superacid, performed with the precise scope of removing the native insulating surfactants, promotes in-plane assembly of the colloidal WS 2 nanoflakes into stacks parallel to the substrate, along with healing of sulphur vacancies in the lattice that are …
Nature Publishing Group
Publication date: 
21 Jun 2019

Rosanna Mastria, Riccardo Scarfiello, Davide Altamura, Cinzia Giannini, Andrea Liscio, Alessandro Kovtun, Giuseppe Valerio Bianco, Giovanni Bruno, Vincenzo Grillo, Amir H Tavabi, Rafal E Dunin-Borkowski, Concetta Nobile, Adriano Cola, P Davide Cozzoli, Salvatore Gambino, Aurora Rizzo

Biblio References: 
Volume: 9 Issue: 1 Pages: 1-13
Scientific reports