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Platinum thin films are deposited on open-cell nickel foam with porosity of 95% via spontaneous galvanic displacement. Ni foams with different morphologies and pore size are compared and characterized by electrochemical and structural analysis techniques. The effect of Pt coating on the electrochemical activity is studied by using the Pt coated foam as electrode material for hydrogen evolution reaction in an aqueous alkaline electrolyte. The electrocatalytic activity of the electrodes is evaluated using linear sweep voltammetry curves and Tafel plots as a function of deposition time. The comparison with scanning electron microscopy analyses demonstrates that the catalytic activity has a maximum when the platinum film completely covers the Ni surface. The further increase of the Pt thickness leads to mechanical instability with crack formation and delamination. The effect of the foam morphology on the Pt deposition rate has been evaluated and discussed, determining the minimum Pt amount required to achieve the maximum electrochemical activity, as well as the maximum thickness in order to assure stable characteristics before delamination occurs. View Full-Text
Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2019

Rachela G Milazzo, Stefania Privitera, Silvia Scalese, Salvatore A Lombardo

Biblio References: 
Volume: 12 Issue: 16 Pages: 3116