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This paper documents the development of a sustainable greenhouse system which incorporates a greenhouse, reverse electrodialysis (RED), reverse osmosis, and a dehumidification desalination system aiming to support water and energy self-sufficient agriculture in arid regions with a saline groundwater feed. The system is referred to as the sustainable greenhouse (SGH). The aim is to generate enough fresh water to cover the irrigation load of the greenhouse, symbiotically cool the greenhouse environment to adequate temperatures, and create the energy needed for both. A computational model was first developed to aid in the design of the SGH, and determine its limitations. The model was validated at a commercial greenhouse farm in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Subsequent analysis of the SGH suitability for Abu Dhabi was undertaken, as a representative application region, with the use of a typical meteorological year …
Publication date: 
1 Feb 2017

Eanna Farrell, Mohamed I Hassan, Ramato A Tufa, Arttu Tuomiranta, Ahmet H Avci, Antonio Politano, Efrem Curcio, Hassan A Arafat

Biblio References: 
Volume: 187 Pages: 390-409
Applied Energy