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We have investigated the electronic response of single crystals of indium selenide by means of angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, electron energy loss spectroscopy and density functional theory. The loss spectrum of indium selenide shows the direct free exciton at~ 1.3 eV and several other peaks, which do not exhibit dispersion with the momentum. The joint analysis of the experimental band structure and the density of states indicates that spectral features in the loss function are strictly related to single-particle transitions. These excitations cannot be considered as fully coherent plasmons and they are damped even in the optical limit, ie for small momenta. The comparison of the calculated symmetry-projected density of states with electron energy loss spectra enables the assignment of the spectral features to transitions between specific electronic states. Furthermore, the effects of ambient gases on the …
Nature Publishing Group
Publication date: 
13 Jun 2017

ANTONİO Politano, D Campi, M Cattelan, I Ben Amara, S Jaziri, A Mazzotti, A Barinov, Bekir Gürbulak, S Duman, S Agnoli, LS Caputi, G Granozzi, A Cupolillo

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Volume: 7 Issue: 1 Pages: 1-11
Scientific reports