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Large-scale, defect-free, micro-and nano-circuits with controlled inter-connections represent the nexus between electronic and photonic components. However, their fabrication over large scales often requires demanding procedures that are hardly scalable. Here we synthesize arrays of parallel ultra-long (up to 0.75 mm), monocrystalline, silicon-based nano-wires and complex, connected circuits exploiting low-resolution etching and annealing of thin silicon films on insulator. Phase field simulations reveal that crystal faceting and stabilization of the wires against breaking is due to surface energy anisotropy. Wires splitting, inter-connections and direction are independently managed by engineering the dewetting fronts and exploiting the spontaneous formation of kinks. Finally, we fabricate field-effect transistors with state-of-the-art trans-conductance and electron mobility. Beyond the first experimental evidence of controlled …
Nature Publishing Group
Publication date: 
10 Dec 2019

Monica Bollani, Marco Salvalaglio, Abdennacer Benali, Mohammed Bouabdellaoui, Meher Naffouti, Mario Lodari, Stefano Di Corato, Alexey Fedorov, Axel Voigt, Ibtissem Fraj, Luc Favre, Jean Benoit Claude, David Grosso, Giuseppe Nicotra, Antonio Mio, Antoine Ronda, Isabelle Berbezier, Marco Abbarchi

Biblio References: 
Volume: 10 Issue: 1 Pages: 1-10
Nature communications