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Composites fabricated by metal nanoparticles supported on graphene sheets are promising for many technological applications ranging from sensing, energy production and storage, catalysis to electronics and optoelectronics. This is due to the benefits offered by the properties of both components. In particular, charge transfer effects at graphene-nanoparticles interface are the basis for the operation of several devices. Here we present an approach to fabricate hybrid composites consisting of graphene-noble metal nanoparticles. Mono- and bimetallic platinum and palladium nanoparticles are produced by laser ablation in a liquid environment and their morphology is characterized by transmission electron microscopy. In addition, in order to fabricate low-dimensional hybrid composites, the nanoparticles are loaded on graphene layer by spin coating of colloidal solutions and the density of the nanoparticles on …
Publication date: 
16 Dec 2019
Biblio References: 
Pages: 113887
Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures