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A selection is presented of fiber-optic and micro-optic devices that have been designed and tested for guaranteeing the quality and safety of typical foods, such as extra virgin olive oil, beer, and milk. Scattered colorimetry is used to authenticate various types of extra virgin olive oil and beer, while a fiber-optic-based device for UV-VIS-NIR absorption spectroscopy is exploited in order to obtain the hyperspectral optical signature of olive oil. This is done not only for authentication purposes, but also so as to correlate the spectral data with the content of fatty acids, which are important nutritional factors. A micro-optic sensor for the detection of olive oil aroma that is capable of distinguishing different ageing levels of extra virgin olive oil is also presented. It shows effective potential for acting as a smart cap of bottled olive oil in order to achieve a nondestructive olfactory perception of oil ageing. Lastly, a compact portable …
Publication date: 
16 Jul 2008

Anna Grazia Mignani, Leonardo Ciaccheri, Costanza Cucci, Andrea Azelio Mencaglia, Antonio Cimato, Cristina Attilio, Heidi Ottevaere, Hugo Thienpont, Roberto Paolesse, Marco Mastroianni, Donato Monti, Marco Gerevini, Giovanna Buonocore, Matteo Alessandro Del Nobile, Annalisa Mentana, Maria Francesca Grimaldi, Chiara Dall'Asta, Andrea Faccini, Gianni Galaverna, Arnaldo Dossena

Biblio References: 
Volume: 8 Issue: 7 Pages: 1342-1354
IEEE Sensors Journal