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A versatile catalyst based on halloysite and zinc oxide (HNT@ZnO) was prepared, for the first time, starting from ZnO commercial bulk form as Zn precursor source, in a one-pot procedure. This strategy gives the possibility to obtain small ZnO nanoparticles loaded on the HNT surface without the use of inorganic salts which envisage the removal of undesired anions and therefore a calcination process at high temperature. It was found that the presence of halloysite improved the UV–vis spectral absorption ability of ZnO. The hybrid was successful used as photocatalyst for the methylorange and rhodamine B degradation. In addition, after eight consecutive cycles for the methylorange photodegradation, the hybrid did not exhibit significant reduction in its photocatalytic performances confirming its stability. Based on trapping experiments and calculated energy bands we also proposed a photocatalytic mechanism …
Publication date: 
1 May 2020

Marina Massaro, Michele Casiello, Lucia D'Accolti, Giuseppe Lazzara, Angelo Nacci, Giuseppe Nicotra, Renato Noto, Alberto Pettignano, Corrado Spinella, Serena Riela

Biblio References: 
Volume: 189 Pages: 105527
Applied Clay Science