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In this work, we analyze the spatial and temporal features of electromagnetic X-waves propagating in free space and generated by planar radiating apertures. The performance of ideal X-waves is discussed and compared to practical cases where the important effects related to the finiteness of the radiating aperture and the wavenumber dispersion are taken into account. In particular, a practical device consisting of a radial waveguide loaded with radiating slots aligned along a spiral path is considered for the practical case in the millimeter-wave range. A common mathematical framework is defined for a precise comparison of the spatiotemporal properties and focusing capabilities of the generated X-wave. It is clearly shown that the fractional bandwidth of the radiating aperture has a key role in the longitudinal confinement of an X-wave in both ideal and practical cases. In addition, the finiteness of the radiating …
AIP Publishing
Publication date: 
21 May 2016

Walter Fuscaldo, Santi C Pavone, Guido Valerio, Alessandro Galli, Matteo Albani, Mauro Ettorre

Biblio References: 
Volume: 119 Issue: 19 Pages: 194903
Journal of Applied Physics