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The selected area doping by ion implantation is often used in the fabrication of 4H-SiC electronic devices; DMOSFETs and JTE are here cited as examples. In the ion implantation technology, the key parameters are: implantation temperature, dose rate per ion energy, ion implanted dopant depth profile, post implantation annealing temperature, and post implantation annealing time. In the case of 4H-SiC, the most of the litterature focus on finding the post implantation annealing parameters that maximize the doping efficiency per ion implanted dopant concentration, or, that give the sufficient electrical activation for obtaining the desired device performance. This results in a multitude of reported electrical data, taken in heterogeneous samples. Recently, an empirical model for previewing the electrical activation per ion implanted dopant species versus dopant concentration has been proposed [1] on the base of …
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Publication date: 
1 Sep 2019
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Issue: 31 Pages: 1360
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