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Fluorination of alkyl groups is a known strategy for hindering miscibility, thus promoting phase separation, when blends are prepared with a hydrocarbon compound. A new perylene bis(dicarboximide) derivative functionalized with branched N-perfluoroalkyl moieties (BPF-PDI) has been synthesized as electron acceptor to be potentially used in conjunction with the electron donor hexakis(dodecyl)hexabenzocoronene (HBC-C12) in bulk heterojunction solar cells. Aiming at controlling self-assembly between the two components at the supramolecular level, stoichiometric blends in CHCl3 have been prepared either by spin- or drop-casting onto silicon surfaces, and further subjected to solvent vapour annealing (SVA) treatment in a CHCl3-saturated atmosphere. Spectroscopic investigation in solution shows the formation of supramolecular BPF-PDI–HBC-C12 dimers, with an association constant Kass = (2.1 ± 0.3) × …
Royal Society of Chemistry
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2010

Giovanna De Luca, Andrea Liscio, Manuela Melucci, Tobias Schnitzler, Wojciech Pisula, Christopher G Clark, Luigi Monsù Scolaro, Vincenzo Palermo, Klaus Müllen, Paolo Samorì

Biblio References: 
Volume: 20 Issue: 1 Pages: 71-82
Journal of Materials Chemistry